Cashew! Bless you…

Here’s a brief one for you. Following the recent excitement over Tesco’s low calculator prices and the #Tescolovesmaths hashtag, here’s a little exercise inspired by my shopping trip this afternoon.

Starter for 10

In which section of the shop would you expect to find ‘raw’ cashew nuts?

Yep, that’s not a maths question. Think of it as functional maths, because you already know how much relevance I think that has.

Possible answers might include the fruit & veg section, home baking, world foods or the healthy/free-from aisle. All would be correct, except the world foods.

 Main question

How much would you expect the price of cashews to vary around the shop? (I’m talking Tesco own brand, just to be fair.) Here’s where you get to do the maths…

  • Fruit & veg aisle: £2.60 for 150g
  • Home baking: £2.75 for 200g
  • Free-from aisle: £1.29 for 150g
  • Free-from aisle: £2.55 for 250g

Apparently the first two are sourced from India, whereas the latter two (sat next to each other on the shelves) are Vietnamese. Maybe that has something to do with the random pricing.

So, which do you buy? Let’s test your grey matter and make this a non-Tesco-calculator problem!


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